American history is cataloged in grand libraries however one element often ignored is the history of crime and its relevance to societal development. To ignore it is a great injustice to the truth.

Born in rebellion during the American Revolution by founding fathers that were once cast as criminals by the British crown seeking to subjugate them, the USA  became a shining beacon of freedom and justice that still captures the imagination of those around the world. 

Unfortunately, as we evolved into the most prosperous society in the history of mankind, there've been those who don’t play by the rules.  Some were hapless individuals motivated by greed.  Others were simply evil.  Then came events so strange or remarkable they are almost unbelievable.

The Crime Files remembers those people and events.

So as we wax nostalgic about “the good ol days” it’s important to remember the purpose of the Crime Files
is not to glorify evil doers or canonize criminals.  Far from it. It's simply to shine a spotlight on an often
forgotten part of American history. Click a red or black titled book to open the past. Enjoy!